Lee Ferrell, David Bronson, Dusty Hanvey, Fatima Williamson, Lucinda Chatfield,
Diane Spann, Richard Torres, Jamie Browning, Tim Lee, Jose Silva

Thru the years of success The Righteous Brothers have been responsible for many opportunities for the musicians they are proud to share the stage with...Working musicians! Here's a picture of the current lineup with a little bio . Also check out the list of former members.

Jose Silva

(Bass) Jose first met the Brothers filming Shindig where he was appearing with his own band, The Gauchos. He has been playing with the Brothers ever since.

David Bronson

(drums) David started playing with the Brothers right after graduation from P.I.T. (Percussion Institute of Tech.) in 1981 Not bad for his first gig. Kids stay in school!

Tim Lee

(keyboards, musical director, and backup vocals) Tim spent many years in the house band at The Hop, a club owned by the Brothers. In 1985 they needed somebody to fill in one weekend on the road....The sub that never left.

Lucinda Chatfield

(vocals, keyboard, and harmonica) After fronting a blues band singing and playing harmonica at night and working for a music production during the day her job with the Brothers is..."almost like a vacation". Working her blues harp into the show was a natural.

Dusty Hanvey

(acoustic guitar and background vocals) The juggler....Dusty was playing with The Grass Roots when and opening came up to join The Righteous Brothers Band. He couldn't decide which job to give up so he kept both. Just ask him about frequent flier miles.

Lee Ferrell

(B-3 and Sax) Lee originally joined the band in 1967 but after several years decided to stay home and raise his two sons. His boys both graduates of USC are now in show business and Lee is back on the road.